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Secret To Generating Loads of New and Repeat Massage Clients

If you are in Canada and an experienced massage therapist or are fresh out of massage school and are struggling to eke out a full-time income doing professional massage therapy then I have some good news for you.

Hi, my name is Michael Humphreys and I remember what it was like to be a brand-new massage therapist. It was 1993 and I was so excited to be starting my own business. I couldn't wait to start helping countless people relieve their stress and get out of pain.

But as big as my dreams were — they were almost destroyed because I couldn't find enough massage clients to earn a full-time living from doing massage right away.

I struggled for four long years, until I discovered the secret to building a profitable full-time massage business. Once I did, it didn't take long.

In fact, within three months, I was seeing 12 to 15 clients per week. And within six months, I was seeing 25 to 30 clients per week. Best of all, in less than a year I was making plans to start my massage therapy center which I did in January 1999.

I had that Massage Center for 6 1/2 years and employed as many as seven additional massage therapists and two administrative staff at the same time.

And Then It Happened

Eventually, I got the point where I grew tired of working 90 hour weeks and wanted a simpler life. I wanted to spend more time with my friends and family.
My wife and I wanted to start a family. But both of those goals seemed almost impossible... because I was working all of the time!
It didn't matter that the massage center was a profitable business. I had gotten to the point where I was so tired of working 6-7 days each week.
So in early 2005, I decided to close that massage center and went back into private practice. But I wasn't worried.
Not for a single minute.
Why wasn't I worried at all?
The simple truth is, I knew what marketing methods worked. I knew how to find new massage clients month after month. I knew how to keep my existing clients coming back again and again.
I knew what promotions worked... and I knew what didn't. So I knew exactly what I needed to do so I wouldn't waste money trying to grow my massage business!
As cofounder of, I receive countless e-mails from massage therapists all over the world.
One day, I received an e-mail from a therapist who asked me how they could market their massage business if they had practically no money to market with?

How A Personal Challenge Can Let You Grow Your
Massage Business For Practically Pennies...

I decided to make it a personal challenge. I wanted to come up with a complete marketing system that any massage therapist could use — even if they are starting with no money!
I tested the system — using my own massage business as a testing guinea pig...
I tested free marketing methods... free advertising... different types of referral systems... and much more. Eventually, I put together an entire massage marketing system — and it still cost less than $100 each month to use!
Announcing the "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" Program...

... A Complete A-to-Z Massage Practice Building System that You Can Start Today — Using
as Little as Zero

Here's what you'll find inside:
The secret to having your own website for less than seven dollars per month — and unleashing one of the most powerful ways to promote your massage business...
How to get your existing clients to refer new people... month after month like clockwork!
Unlock the only three ways to grow massage practice... Yes, there are only three!
Discover the number one marketing mistake that almost every massage therapist makes... you won't ever make this mistake again after you learn the cure...
How to sell more gift certificates — including through your own web site...
The secret to getting listed in the Yellow Pages... even if you have nothing but pocket lint to start with!
Online Marketing 101 — discover my never revealed before techniques for generating sales through the power of the internet... works for both your clients and new prospects!
How to create your own web site even if you don't know what HTML is and don't want to learn...
Unleash the power of this proven marketing tool! You will increase repeat business and create additional goodwill... the sad news is, most businesses never use this tool... Don't make the same mistake too!
Discover the best ways to reward your clients for their upcoming birthday... and make even more sales!
Want to help local charities? No problem! Use this marketing tool to help them and you'll grow your business at the same time... takes about 10 minutes to use...
How to tap into the power of using free reports and articles... I reveal how you can use them — both online and offline!
Why using this tool can quickly build your business... use it for things like getting your business logos created or even construction work done on your office — and it never touches your checkbook...
Plus much more...

How Much Could You Spend Learning How To Create
The Same Type of Successful Massage Marketing?

I’ve spent years studying and learning how to write marketing and ads that works.
I have invested thousands of dollars in my education — even purchased a famous direct marketing guru’s program for $2000 to learn many of the techniques that you will never find in a $10 marketing book at your local bookstore.
I’ve spent thousands of dollars testing my marketing and advertising just to find what works for massage therapists.
I'm not talking about any theories or filler — just the marketing and advertising tips, tactics, and techniques that have worked for both my massage therapy center and my private practice.

"Michael, Why Would You Sell Something As Valuable
As Bootstrap Your Massage Business

When I see how many massage therapists struggle to earn a living doing massage therapy, it almost breaks my heart.
It doesn’t have to be this way... yet many successful massage therapists don’t offer much marketing help other than generic statements like “Word of Mouth is really important”.
Let’s face it: I’m an already established massage therapist with a full-time massage practice. Chances are, you don’t even work or live in the same area that my massage practice is located.
So it’s not like I have to worry about you using my marketing techniques to try to steal clients from me. The truth is, clients will always choose where they want to go for massage.
Like most massage therapists, I love to help people. And by offering something as valuable as "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" is just one more way I can help my fellow massage therapists do what they love: help other people in need too!

"Okay, Michael... What's In The
'Bootstrap Your Massage Business' System?"

System Piece #1: "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" Audio

In this fast-paced audio training program, you will learn the basic "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" system. I'll cover the major parts of the system in less than one-hour so you can get started using it right away!
System Piece #2: Complete Transcripts

Use the transcripts of the Bootstrap Your Massage Business to quickly review a marketing technique. Perfect for therapists who learn better by reading instead of using audio training!
System Piece #3: "Bootstrap Your Massage Business"
Recommended Resources

As I find additional business building resources, I will add them to the "members only" section of this website. And if a resource is no longer top-notch, I will replace it with another one that is for the life of your membership.
System Piece #4: "Bootstrap Your Massage Business"
'Premier Members Only' System Updates

I'll continue to test and tweak the Bootstrap System... adding new marketing techniques. Future updates include audio, video, and print training materials. The updates are yours at no additional cost when you grab your copy of "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" now!
38.66 CAD

How Much Would It Cost You To Create
Your Own Successful Massage Marketing System?

Grab Your Own Copy Here

Items Needed To Create Your Own Successful Massage Marketing System Time And/Or Money Spent "Bootstrap Your Massage Business"
Top 10 Marketing Books From Your Local Bookstore $200-300 Not Needed
Top 5 Business Strategy Books From Your Local Bookstore $50-100 Not Needed
Attend a Marketing Boot Camp or Seminar $1000-5000 Not Needed
$50 per marketing piece to test at least one dozen marketing ideas 12 X $50 = $600 Not Needed
3-4 Hrs To Quickly Read Every Book Listed Above 15-20 Hours Not Needed
Hours of Massage Billable Time Lost While You Do All Of The Above 15-20 Hours Not Needed
Total Cost In Your Time
And Your Money


38.66 CAD

You will gain instant access to this program for just $37. For less than a half-hour massage appointment, you will get lifetime access to my "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" — and all of the future system updates.
It's a steal of a deal and you won't anything else like it on the web!
In fact, I feel so so strongly about it that I'm ready to take a big risk...

I Believe You'll Love "Bootstrap Your Massage Business"
So Much That I'm Willing To Take All of the Risk From You
and Put It Squarely on My Own Shoulders...

But first, you need to understand why I know "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" is the only system to show how to launch your massage practice towards business success using practically pennies.
Here's what I'm talking about:
This information-packed system contains the professional tips, techniques, and insights of a massage marketing expert, Michael Humphreys. The type of insights that are only gained from over 13 years of experience performing and teaching massage marketing professionally.
Simply stated, I know there isn't another product available like the "Bootstrap Your Massage Business". In fact, that's why I am not afraid to offer you a 56 day, 100% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.
Take up to 8 full weeks to read through the entire "Bootstrap Your Massage Business" and make an honest, fair effort at improving your massage business. If you don't feel this system was worth every penny, simply email me and I'll promptly refund your money.
Fair enough?

38.66 CAD

Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your massage practice building skills. Every massage therapist deserves the opportunity to realize their full business potential.
The bottom line is you really owe it to yourself to get started on this today and not procrastinate any longer.
Some of the techniques might seem so simple and easy... but are so powerful that you'll never think the same way about your massage marketing abilities again.
Like me, I'm sure your technique and ability will improve as you use my system over and over.
Don't you think it's time to move up a level — instead of staying stuck on that same old struggling therapist plateau again?
By learning this system and applying the techniques inside, your new and improved massage marketing skills will finally help you enjoy the full-time profitable massage practice of your dreams!

38.66 CAD